The Wohnwagon


A thoughtful and natural living space, individually equipped, simply beautiful, and at the same time flexible. A natural Tiny House with loft character, with which one opens up nature as a habitat.



A timeless, sophisticated design – with rounded front and rear ends, a dashing flat roof and porthole windows give a unique visual impression and a special energy to the interior.

A Wohnwagon is more than a caravan. It opens up space that you can finally use for yourself: the nature around us.

The terrace, the awning and the large windows bring nature into your living room – because your living space does not end at your doorstep!


We build our Wohnwagons in a small factory in Lower Austria from natural materials. We pay particular attention to sustainable materials and high-quality construction for year-round living.

Durable components, easy to repair, made by a professional –
that’s not cheap, but you will still enjoy your flexible home in a few decades!

Here you can learn more about the Construction of the sustainable Tiny House!

With our Wohnwagon you are completely independent. Our self-sufficient solutions for electricity, water & heat ensure a sustainable and self-sufficient supply of your home and can also be used for other applications!

  • Self-standing photovoltaic system with large storage
  • Solar wood central heating for heat & hot water supply
  • Bio-Toilet (dry separation toilet with Terra Preta bedding)
  • water circulation systems with green sewage treatment plants

Here you can learn more about the WOHNWAGON Autarkie-Systeme


Where can a Wohnwagon or mobile home be located? There are various possibilities! Thanks to self-sufficiency and mobility, exciting new forms of living are possible. For example:

  • Coupling with existing houses as communal housing project
  • Development of vacancies & interim uses
  • Use of land not used for development

Mobile, self-sufficient housing units are new – the Tiny House Movement is just in its infancy in Europe. For this reason, the legal framework for construction vehicles, circus wagons and caravans is often not yet clear.

We therefore work closely with the authorities for our customer projects, coordinate the legal options and regulations for each project and can handle the submission and approval of units on request.

More on the approval of Tiny Houses & Caravans

We produce regionally in Austria with a team of experienced professionals and long-term partners. For the construction we use only the best materials and pay attention to ecological building materials wherever possible.

We also set new standards in building services and do not use camping products but high-quality systems, individually optimised for small spaces. The result is a new mobile living quality that is more reminiscent of a house than a car. That has its price. We cannot be cheap. Nor do we want to, because we are interested in sustainable solutions that will give you pleasure for a long time to come. That’s why our projects range from 50,000 to 150,000 euros. The solution for smaller wallets: Do more yourself! Here, too, we are at your disposal with planning and advice as well as self-assembly kits.

Price examples & price list


If your project becomes more concrete and you want to plan your individual Wohnwagon, you can make use of our planning flat rate. We will work out your floor plan together, define the basic conditions and costs, sample materials and colours and, if desired, also look at the installation on site and the legal basic conditions. This lump sum costs 800 Euros.

Mail us – we look forward to hearing from you!

A night in a self-sufficient hotel room is the best way to experience and test our self-sufficiency systems and, above all, living in a small space. Rent yourself! Here you can find out more about Trial living.

We are very pleased about the great interest in our mobile tiny houses. Due to the high demand it is not possible for us at present unfortunately to individual to offer appointments for sightseeing. But we are always on tour! You can find the next stops in our Date Calendar.

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