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How much space do you actually need to live? We came to the conclusion: 25 m2 of natural living space that offer a unique living experience with refined materials and individual solutions – That’s it. That’s all you need.

That’s why we created WOHNWAGON – individualized, mobile space for outdoor living. Independent. Reduced. Holistic.

The goal is autarky

The wagon has its own photovoltaic and solar system on the roof, a BIO-toilet and water treatment system with a green filter and therefore allows independent living: a closed, innovative lifecycle. With our solutions we combine intelligent ways of energy production with sustainable resource-use and recycling.

Technically, we are always trying to be one step ahead. We are constantly looking for the latest developments and are cooperating with universities and research institutes to keep up to date.

What’s special about WOHNWAGON is the individual production. Each wagon is different and adapted to its buyers needs. How self-sustained do you want to be? How do you want to use your wagon and what for? Do you want to use it as living space, office, hotel room or holiday home? We’ll find the perfect solution for you.


Are you interested?

As we are a rather young company we are still working on our internationalization. Nevertheless we are glad you found us and we are sure that we can figure out a way to transport a Wohnwagon to your country if you want one! Just contact us at If you need further information we can also arrange a Skype session!

 You can find more information about our modules and prices here:

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